Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings utilize nano-ceramic technology to create the ultimate protective shield for your vehicle while also maximizing its gloss and shine. In fact, high quality professionally installed ceramic coating can last a lifetime while also keeping your vehicle looking newer longer.

Ceramic coatings bond to the surface of your vehicle on a molecular level by filling in all of the pores on your vehicle, creating a hydrophobic surface. This permanent layer of protection properties is essentially similar to the factory clear coat on your car only 3-5 times stronger. It also offers more gloss and shine than any other top clear coat and makes washing and maintaining your vehicle that much easier. Its self-healing properties resist scratches and dings while also repelling water and other corrosive elements.

Looking for the ultimate vehicle protection?

Think about combining one of our Paint Protection Film with Ceramic coating. Not only will your vehicle look shiny and new for years to come it will withstand both natural and man-made elements helping to maintain the value of your vehicle.

Whether you are in need of ceramic coating, a vehicle vinyl wrap or paint protection film service, ModifyMe can help with all of your automotive enhancement needs. We offer different packages with different warranties and encourage you to combine our different services to create a unique package that is right for you.

Prevent corrosion and oxidation by creating a barrier between your vehicle and the elements with Ceramic coating technology.

Ceramic coatings offer UV resistant properties that protect your vehicle from aging from UV exposure over time.

Ceramic coatings nano technology offers protection from the damaging effects of extreme heat & cold.

Ceramic coatings offer resistance to damaging chemicals, solvents, acids and bases.

Ceramic coatings provides increased resistance and protection from light scratches and knicks.

Ceramic coatings are a modern method of protection that is also safe and non toxic.