Window Tints

Winnipeg's Window Tint Experts

Window tint is a transparent film that is applied to the inside of your vehicle’s window to enhance and customize the look of your vehicle. It also adds protection to the interior of your vehicle while adding more security and privacy. We utilize only the highest quality window tint products and offer the best car window tint installation throughout Winnipeg.

Benefits of Window Tint

  • Prevent fading or damage of interior from UV Rays
  • Helps keep interior of vehicle cooler by absorbing heat
  • Reduces headlight glare from other vehicles
  • Enhances both security & privacy

While there are safety regulations in terms of the darkness of window tint used, our experienced window tint professionals are aware of the set guidelines and can help you to achieve the look you want while staying in legal parameters. With different window tint films to choose from we make finding the right window tint possible.

Different Levels of Window Tint Films

Ceramic Window Tint Film- ceramic film is the highest quality window tint film available. It blocks 45-50% of infrared light and heat, offers maximum visibility both day/night, has the best glare resistance and blocks up to 99% of UV Rays that can harm both you and your vehicle's interior.

Tinting your vehicle windows is one of the most affordable automotive protection & upgrades out there. It truly is a one time investment when performed with the . Let our window tint specialists at ModifyMe help you find the best tint option while delivering the best window tint service throughout Winnipeg.